Interview: Hila Ratzabi

Hila Ratzabi sees God everywhere, but seems a little afraid to talk about it. A frequent contributor to the Mima’amakim journal, Hila’s new chapbook The Apparatus of Visible Things deals with finding the invisible inside the things you see and seeing... 

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Interview: Menachem Wecker

Menachem Wecker Menachem Wecker stands at the nexus of art and religion. Through his countless articles, reviews and interviews in publications religious and secular, his ongoing art column in The Jewish Press, and his groundbreaking blog Iconia, Menachem... 

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The Mima’amakim Interview: Yonah Lavery

‘Talmud Comics’ (at talmudcomics.net) is Yonah Lavery’s portrayal of pages from the Gemara in comic book form and it’s one of the most pure, personal and genuine combinations of artistic exploration and Torah learning I have... 

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