Open Mic Postponed from 2/25 to 3/4

Thanks for coming out and making the first two open mics of our
series, Notes From the [Synagogue] Underground, so successful.
Due to reports of snow, the next open mic has been postponed one week
until Thursday Mar. 4 @ 7:30. It’s still going to be at the Stanton St. Synagogue (180 Stanton St.) on the Lower East Side and it’s still going to be incredible.

Everyone is invited, readers and performers as well as friends and
lovers of Jewish Art. We look forward to seeing you there.

[Please plan to keep your set under 5 minutes. You may sign up to
read/perform at the Shul.]

Interview: Hila Ratzabi Dahlia Ravikovitch at Columbia/JTS

5 Responses to “Open Mic Postponed from 2/25 to 3/4”

  1. I like this Jewish stuff. they make you pure. even i am from UK

  2. I also like Jewish art, i really enjoy when i am in Israel.

  3. kids boxing says:

    i have been Israel 4 times, i like it very much

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  5. So I assume since I just found this that the information no longer is relevant haha

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