Jake Marmer’s Frantic Spring Update

The spring is teasing and budding and so much is happening on the gig

Firstly, I recorded a Passover Jazz Poetry special for the Forward -
two videos and some ramblings - check out http://www.forward.com/articles/126922/.

This Sunday April 4th at 11 AM (!) I’ll be making a guest appearance
at the jazz-klez gig of the Talat Band at the City Winery. Can you
imagine? Roll outta the bed. Eat some matza. Go hear jazz and poetry.
It’s true! http://www.citywinery.com/events/61034.

Monday April 12th, 8.30pm I will be doing a performance poetry gig
with Matthue Roth and Vanessa “Hebrew Mamita” Hidary at the arty
basement of the arty Sixth Street Synagogue. Should be superfun.
Details: http://www.eastvillageshul.com/2010/03/24/spoken-word-fest/.

Monday April 26th, in the same arty basement, Samuel Menashe and
Stanley Moss, two fabulous poets, will read their work. I’ll
facilitate a panel afterwards on their personal Jewish poetics. Come
loaded! (with questions).

Oh and I kinda have a website now… http://jakemarmer.wordpress.com.
Work in progress. As we’re all - work in progress - and a piece of
work, at that!

Dahlia Ravikovitch at Columbia/JTS Journal Release Party - Last Ever

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