Video from the 2010 Journal Release Party, pt. 1

Yes, the release party for the 2010 Mima’amakim Journal took place in 2011. It’s a bit confusing. But really, don’t be confused. Just watch the videos of Pinny Bulman and Aaron Roller performing. We’ll be adding more video from the event soon!

Pinny Bulman, pt. 1 - Pinny reads a number of poems that have appeared in the journal over the years.

Pinny Bulman, pt. 2 - Pinny reads a poem by his father, Aaron Bulman.

Aaron Roller, pt. 1 - Aaron reads “Write Like a Jew”

Aaron Roller, pt. 2 - Aaron reads an old favorite from the 2004 journal, “My Wife Has a Secret.”

Journal Release Party - Last Ever Four Geniza Fragments: A Poem

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